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  • Solutions to common student loan mistakes

    Applying for student loans can be a time-consuming and complicated process.

    ILooking for alternatives to student loans can help you save money.f you're not careful with some of the determining factors of your loan, such as interest rates and price of schools, you could have trouble repaying it later. Here are solutions to some common mistakes when getting a loan:

    Avoid loans altogether
    According to the Chronicle of Higher education, about 60 percent of students use financial aid to pay for their educational costs. You may feel that you have to take out loans and while this funding can be a great help, you should explore all your options first. You may find that these alternatives allow you to bypass the loan process. Some of these other options include:

    • Put off college for a year to save
    • Find a less expensive school
    • Look for scholarships or work study programs
    • Go to college part time

    These solutions may not pay for your college completely, but they can help you reduce the size of your loans.

    Take only what you need
    As you research the costs of schools, think about how much you are going to take out. With more expensive schools, you'll probably need to use all the money you receive from your federal student loan offer. If your school is a bit less expensive, avoid taking the full amount available to you. By taking only the amount you need for tuition and extra costs, you can have an easier time paying off your student loans when the time comes.

    Figure out your payments beforehand
    In order to evaluate how much you need to borrow, compile all your costs for college and figure out the average monthly amount these expenses will total. Once you've figured out this number you can decide exactly how much you need to take out, helping you avoid borrowing too much.

    Pick a repayment plan that works for you
    Once you complete college, you'll have a few months until you need to start to repay your loans. During this time, seek the repayment plan that works for you. There are many options available, such as consolidation and income based repayment plans, so figure out what's best for your financial situation. Factor in your job, interest rates and the type of loans you have. Figuring all this out beforehand can make dealing with repayment that much easier.