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  • About Us

    Central Bank of Oklahoma is committed to being the leading financial service provider in Tulsa, Stillwater, Edmond, Owasso, Sapulpa and more by providing our customers with quality financial solutions and exceptional customer service.

    Core Values

    Unwavering commitment to strong, locally-based management that is active in the communities we serve. Our valued customers continue to receive the highest quality service and leading-edge financial products. This manifests itself in the following ways:

    1. Consistently focusing on improving shareholder value.
    2. Listening thoughtfully to customer requests and providing prompt responses and personal service; being solution oriented, staying in touch over time.
    3. Keeping commitments and confidences.
    4. Getting the job done, on-time, as agreed, with no excuses.
    5. Complying with the spirit and letter of the law.
    6. Building a fun organization and excellent relationships with cooperative team spirit.
    7. Maintaining a quality loan portfolio and managing risk.
    8. Maintaining flexibility in our plans, actions, and attitudes in light of changing financial markets and technology being willing to adapt our products, services, policies, and procedures in light of new information.
    9. Being a learning company that is always open to new ideas and better ways of doing things.
    10. Providing 'Legendary Service' to our customers.

    Mission Statement

    To meet and exceed our customers' expectations by offering banking products and services that are valuable and competitive; to retain key employees who provide leadership and possess the best skills; with the end result of increased profit and enhanced shareholder value.

    Our History

    From our founding, we’ve been a bank focused on providing the best products and services to the communities of Tulsa, Stillwater, Edmond, Owasso, Sapulpa and more.

    Central Bancompany: Strong Roots, Endless Possibilities

    In these challenging times, Central Bancompany remains safe and secure because of our strong roots and commitment to prudent banking practices. We have built a foundation of people, community, technology and local management that has stood the test of time.